Advanced Tooling Corporation (atc)

Advanced Tooling Corporation designs and manufactures custom tooling fixtures that perform critical cost saving functions for the chromium electroplating process and other surface finishing procedures. No competitors have successfully replicated tools that can generate the same level of operational efficiency and accuracy for the chromium-plating process. ATC’s engineered tools have proven to shorten typical plating processes up to 6x, compared to traditional methods. The company has serviced the Defense and Aerospace markets since 2004. Among our customer base are:

  • Corpus Christi Army Base,
  • Hill Air Force Base,
  • Boeing, Delta Airlines,
  • United Airlines,
  • Goodrich Landing Gear,
  • Heroux Devtek,
  • Pratt & Whitney,
  • Fleet Readiness Center Southwest,
  • Warner Robins Air Force Base,
  • Standard Aero,
  • Southwest United, and
  • Anniston Army Depot.

Advanced Tooling Corporation designs and manufactures custom electroplating fixtures, primarily for hard chrome, nickel and cadmium electroplating.  We also provide on-site services, including set-up and training. Our market focus includes the aerospace and automotive industries and the defense department's depot activities.

ATC was founded in March, 2004 by Randy Taylor and George Cushnie, two individuals with extensive experience in metal finishing.

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Advanced Tooling Corporation
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